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Free Printable Recipe Card Templates - no software neededOur printable recipe card templates can be customized and then printed in just moments.  They are perfect for your kitchen and should fit perfectly into your recipe box, album or other organizer.  We have them in standard index card sizes including 3x5 or 4x6.  We also have a few decorative formats.  All you need is your computer, Adobe Acrobat software and an online connection to complete your recipe card mission (oh yeah - a good recipe or two is also highly recommended!).  We also offer notebook or binder sized recipe cards.

Below we layout a few simple steps to download and create your custom printable recipe card.  We recommend that you find some thicker paper or board stock for your printer so that the cards will stand the test of time.  In step one you will download the blank recipe card, and then in step two we will guide you in personalizing the card.  You will be printing out Rachael Ray's favorite dishes on your cute new recipe cards in no time!

8.5x11 - Printable Recipe Cards
3x5 & 4x6 - Printable Recipe Cards

  Step 1 - Select Your Recipe Card Template

3 Free Printable Recipe Card Templates 

Please be patient while downloading the Recipe Card Templates as the file sizes are large.

  Step 2 - Customize Recipe Card Template and Print!

Once you have successfully opened your free recipe card template into Adobe Acrobat, you can add text to the "Recipe For", "Ingredients & Directions" and "Servings" sections.

Simply place your cursor in the appropriate places and type.  You can also just print these out and hand write the cards. 

Now that your configuration is ready to go, find the thickest paper (also called "board") your printer can handle.  You may wish to consult your local paper supply store.  Many of them have a thick glossy board, or a "specialty board" that can make some very nice recipe cards utilizing these templates.

Also - let us know if you create a link to us from any personal website you have access too they are always appreciated!

Note:  Remember that you can't save changes to your printable recipe cards in Adobe unless you have Acrobat Professional.  So you will want to customize and then print copies when complete.
online recipe card templates - Adobe program needed!

We plan to offer some additional recipe card templates for the different holidays and events including Christmas, Bridal Shower, Wedding, Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day and Easter.  If any of these sound like something you would use, please send us a quick note and let us know..   We mostly make what our users are looking for, so your input means a lot!  Use the Contact Us link in the website navigation area.

  Step 3 - Tell Someone!

If you appreciated our templates, take a moment and create a link on your blog, website, Pinterest, or anywhere else you can think of!

It is a simple way to say thanks for this free service - but is entirely optional of course!

Click here for link instructions.

Making life a little easier with our free Recipe Printable Recipe Card Templates!
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