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free business card Templates - Make your own business card!Create your own custom business cards in minutes using our free business card templates.  Select from multiple colors, add your own logo, and even print on standard Avery business card sheets if you like.  There is no business card software needed.  Let Apollo's Templates help you make business cards cheap!

Make your own business card!  No need for complex methods of making business cards.  Select the design that matches your taste below, and follow the simple steps to be printing in no time.  All you need is Adobe Acrobat!

Business Card Template design capabilities include:
- Ability to add your logo
- Add all custom text to the card
- Change color of title title
- Change color of body text 
- Replicate changes to the entire sheet

  Step 1 - Select Your Business Card Template

4 Free Printable Business Card Templates 

No Logo Square / Circle Logo Tall Logo Wide Logo
custom business card - no logo
Download Template
create business card - circle / square logo
Download Template
design business card - Tall logo
Download Template
create business card - wide logo
Download Template

Please be patient while downloading the Business Card Templates as the file sizes are large.

  Step 2 - Customize Business Card Template and Print!

After you have successfully opened your free business card template in Adobe Acrobat, you can turn this blank business card template into a fully populated one very easily.  First, make sure that you only manually populate the top left business card on your template.  Next, click the logo area of your to add your business logo.  Finally, add text to the proper sections.  Once complete you can click the "Update All" button to update the entire sheet when completed.  A business card example is shown to the right.

Once you have updated the top left business card to look the way you like, you can click any one of several buttons on the top of the template to further change the design of that template.  That is pretty much all you need to do to make your own business card!  Here is a look at those buttons:

customize business card template with these buttons.  Business Card Maker.

Template Buttons Button Descriptions
Update All This button updates the other 9 business cards to look like the top left card.
Color Buttons These buttons change all text to the specified color
Black Name Only After changing text color - use this to make the top line black of your business card black, while leaving the rest of the text the original color you specified.
Black Text Only After changing text color - use this button to make the body text black while leaving the title text color your originally selected color.

Note:  Remember that you can't save changes when creating custom business cards in Adobe unless you have Acrobat Professional.  So you will want to design and then print copies when complete.

business card template example - avery product works!

  Step 3 - Print Your Custom Business Cards 

Finally, the last step to create your business card!  Now that you are completed your custom designing, you need to print these cards.  When printing these templates, make sure that you set the "Page Scaling" to NONE in your printer options..  If your printer changes the measurements of the business cards during this step, they will not be the proper size.

If you are wondering what type of paper to print on.  You can find some good board stock from your local paper supply store and print these cards, then cut them out.  Or you can go find the proper Avery Business Card Template paper at the store.  Here is a list of Avery paper products that will work with these business card templates:

Avery numbers:  5371, 5376, 5377, 5870, 5871, 5876, 5877, 5882, 5911, 8371, 8374, 8376, 8377, 8471, 8476, 8571, 8865, 8870, 8871, 8873, 8875, 8876, 8877

Product:  2" x 3 1/2" Business Card Sheets

We love using Avery related products.. Please note that you can visit Avery's website to find other templates if needed (www.avery.com).  Let us know how our business card program worked for you.  If you have suggestions - we are always happy to hear them.

  Step 4 - Link to Apollo's Templates

These business card templates are free of any charge and of course you aren't required to link to our website, but it is a way to thank us for this free service.  A link would be appreciated if you have a blog or website.  Click here for link instructions.  If you don't have a website to add us too, just remember to bookmark our website and maybe refer a friend.

- Apollo

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